Veteran's Day... Not about sales!

I use "retail therapy"... I love a good sale... Clearance is my favorite clothing designer.

BUT how some holidays get used... like today, Veteran's Day... a day to honor  this country's courageous men and women of the Armed Forces to sell anything and everything, and most of it made in China bugs the heck out of me... I was brooding about this...

AND then I remembered something I saw on TV as a child that moved me. My Dad was also moved. Daddy was a WWII Navy Vet. Not one to go buy a recording but without a word he went a purchased it. To this day I really wish I had the original 45rpm that my Dad went and purchased as soon as it was  available.

This is what we saw


PICTURE... This is what Foolscap001 is talking about

This is my "staff" just "hanging around" waiting for our next customer. Some people really get into it... some just stand there and smile like it is a picture with "Aunt Maude".

The main problem with this adventure in photography - is not lighting, setting, or what you may suspect. The main problem is people having extra money OR their wallet with credit card - yes, I do take MC/Visa. I've even agreed to take a local check to try to get a sale... Even though the Sleepy Hollow Sports Park website mentions shopping in the village - people don't seem to think there will be any. SO... I know what to do for next year, which of course doesn't help a whole lot this year.

Funny story so far? I produced one of the biggest "scares" of the night. I purchased a small space heater hoping to keep our feet warm. Last night was the first night we tried it. And it was working... sort of and BLAM out went the lights in all the shops on our road! LOL... Laugh of the day for me - I knew how to restore the power, but had no access to it from my shop... had to go next door to get to switch box with little led flash light on keys with everyone there trying to stop me and ask what to do. Didn't say it, but, "How about get out of my way and let me fix it!"

Overall, I know I have a good idea with this photo shop thing, and have established a presence - all I have to do is "hang on" till next year.

Other funny stories: During the Ren. Faire people (even the help) are treated to flushies.  Located by the Joust Field for the patron in the back of the castle for the help.  Well... the castle becomes one of the haunts so it's open season on the facilities by the joust field (which I think they should make into a grave yard).  So Friday night, I hobbled over and wobbled into the handicapped stall and was sitting there doing my thing. Heard squeeling and giggle and the patter of 11-12 year old feet which came to a sudden stop and was follow by one saying, "Well... this isn't scary." It was all I could do to remain silent, I so wanted to do a "Bwahahahaha... It's a restroom idiot, it's not supposed to be scary."

Now if those same kids had come running in Saturday night, they would have probably terrified the little sparrow or wren that is trying to keep warm by a light in there and does a great impression of a "dive bombing bat" trying to protect his warm perch. As I wobbled to the entrance 2 8-9 year olds came out screaming and on the running as if Freddy were in there. I proceeded about my business since as a charter member of the "Itty Bitty Bladder Club" I don't dare dawdle around trying to reassure 2 unsupervised kids that the restroom is NOT one of the "Haunts or Scares".  I heard something in there flying about and looked and sure enough, settling his little self  on a rafter next to a temporary light was a bird. He figited as two grandma types came in and set down to business. He watched them like a vulture but stayed put. One of them banged the metal door when she was finished... he couldn't hold still any longer and dive bombed her.  She screamed, the other lady screamed and I don't think she finished her paperwork trying to get out of there. I know neither of them hung around to was their hands so they could bitch that the water was cold and the paper towels were out*. I really wish I could have been outside with a video camera to see them come out.

* they don't leave a lot of paper in there so the little vandal types can make a mess. and a hot water heater would be an exercise in futility... I am pretty sure they both have one of those little bottles of sanitizer in their purse when they calm down enough to remember it LOL

AND YES, I know I haven't posted in a long time... but working on this little business adventure in photography, but I love you all and think of you often... I just don't always get to read and/or post here.

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What Your Taste in Chocolate Says About You

You are sophisticated, modern, and high class.

Your taste is refined, but you are not picky.

You are often the first to try something new.

You are dominant and a bit over powering at times.

You're so brilliant, you have trouble letting anyone else be in charge.

While people respect you, they find you to be withdrawn and aloof.

You love being around people. Friendships are important to you.

You feel lost when you're by yourself... so you tend to avoid being alone.


I just KNEW I knew this tune...

If you too find the bouncy tune in the Discovery Commercial vaguely familiar... you are not alone. HINT: did you ever sell cookies to go to camp (insert name here) during the summer?

It's a song we did in Girl Scouts at Camp,(Sacajawea in my case)!!! NOW I can finally quit torturing my brain trying to remember...

All former GSers, turn in that little white pocket sized book called "Sing Together".. . a 1 and a 2 and a here we go!

I Love the Mountains

I love the mountains, I love the rolling hills,
I love the flowers, I love the daffodils,
I love the fireside when all the lights are dim.

Boom-de-ada, boom-de-ada, ...

And can someone please explain WHY my head is full of crap that I only use on occasions like this???
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Brian Update

I'm very behind on things... including this...

Got this from DJ on Friday -- sorry, didn't read it until today.
As a result of many tests today, they determined his condition is a
result of the meds. They released him with a new combination.

Thanks for your many thoughts and prayers today.

Add my thanks too.
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i didn't know what to say

We are in the process of getting a new (well new to us) van... I called the guy we are getting if from today... When we talked to him on Monday night he was going to check the brakes and give it a going over ... I sort of expected to hear from him this morning. We are sort of hoping to get the transaction wrapped up and possibly take it to Riversannce this weekend...

So.... Late this afternoon I gave him a call. I asked how things were progressing and he said there had been a family crisis. I said oh, I'm sorry. And he just began to spill the story... His brother Roger has been diagnosed with Lymphona, he was given the diagnosis over the phone, it is stage 3... Anyway, I expressed my sympathy and said I would put Roger's name on my prayer list...

What could I say???

He did calm enough to say he was currently looking at the brakes and they looked good and he was going to to an oil change... gave me the VIN for the Credit Union and some other information... But I really felt like a schmuck...

Soooo, if you could please say a small prayer for his brother and the family...
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Please pray for NO Rejection!

The liver transplant for my friend went so well and he was released from the center 2 weeks early. We all said prayers of thanks. However ...
Received this from DJ today.

I am admitting Brian into the hospital this morning. There are some
rejection issues and heart concerns. This is a rough time for Brian,
especially since the first month was great. He is not handling this
potential battle very well.

Please let people know. Thanks.

Please, please pray for Brian.
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